5 of the best pitch decks of 2020, so far

These days, I rarely come across an investor pitch deck that's well-designed from both an informational and aesthetical standpoint. More often than not, they're a chore to read through — chock-full of overexplanatory paragraphs and Excel charts that harken back to the early 2000s. In an effort to help entrepreneurs come up with more creative pitch deck designs, I'll dive into 5 of the best pitch decks of 2020 (so far) and explain what makes them so memorable.

1. Art—Unbound

Art—Unbound is a forthcoming Netflix docu-series that focuses on the lives, talents, and passions of successful artists. Art—Unbound's pitch deck does a fantastic job of establishing its market, demonstrating validation, and showing the project's global potential in a simple yet visually stimulating way.

Source: Paul Schneider

2. BNA Smart Payment Systems

BNA Smart Payment Systems is a Canadian fintech company that offers traditional and alternative payment types at the terminal and online. BNA's pitch deck is proof that the proper usage of colors, illustrations, and text hierarchy can make any content-heavy pitch deck engaging.

Source: Erick Chévez

3. Rashefu Ramen

Rashefu Ramen is a California based food start-up that creates authentic Japanese ramen meal kits. Rashefu's pitch deck masterfully combines vivid colors with real-world imagery to present a tantalizing investment opportunity.

Source: Sanjay Motiani

4. Giant Leap

Giant Leap is a health company that is developing personalized, kids-only, food-based formulas that support the health and nutrition of kids. Giant Leap's pitch deck is playful, educational, and seemingly lightweight despite the plethora of information inside.

Source: Katya Kovalenko

5. Liberu

Liberu is an online marketplace for affordable university textbooks. Liberu's pitch deck combines flat art with a rich color scheme to tackle the age-old problem of textbook reselling in a fresh, exciting way.

Source: Sanjay Motiani

The growing gap in pitch deck design

The best pitch decks of 2020 demonstrate just how far behind some of today's companies are when it comes to the design of their pitch deck. Instead of overloading pages with information, the best pitch decks of 2020 employ clever layouts and charming visuals to encourage you to read on — and you likely will, given how enjoyable it is to do so.

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